Most of the services the practice provides are available free of charge on the NHS however there are a number of services that the NHS does not offer.

All private certificates and reports are processed via the BRMP office. Certificates and reports are not completed in consultations (except those that are done for free, which may be done in consultations if the doctor feels s/he has time).

A copy of any report is kept in your records.

BRMP does not provide:

  • Certificates that involve confirming a person’s identity, including passport and driving licence application forms.
  • Reports about peoples’ ability to manage their financial affairs.

A standard housing letter can be provided free of charge. If the housing provider needs more information, they can write to us detailing any specific information that will be helpful in a short report. For detailed reports a fee will be charged.

Medical examinations are not performed solely for the purpose of providing evidence for legal matters, employers or other organisations. If you need an examination for evidence please contact a police surgeon, a solicitor or the Priory Hospital.

To see BRMP’s full policy on medical reports and examinations please click here.

If you require a private service please contact us. The practice will always advise you of any fees that may be applicable prior to the service being carried out. The fees are required prior to the collection of the completed documentation or service. For all other services, please enquire with the reception team or contact us via our online contact form.