Bath Row Medical Practice is a member of SDSmyhealthcare and can offer evening and weekend face to face GP, Nurse and Healthcare Assistant appointments from Burbury, Fernley,Harborne,  River Brook and West Heath Hub.   The extended hours appointments will be booked by our reception staff as usual but patients will be seen at whichever hub is most convenient for them.  The addresses of the 5 Hubs plus the telephone numbers to ring if you needed to cancel or change an appointment are:

  • Burbury Medical Centre, 311 Burbury Streeat, Birmingham B19 1TT. Appointment cancellation telephone no. 07424 041606
  • Fernley Medical Centre, 560 Stratford Road, Birmingham B11 4AN. Appointment cancellation telephone No. 07561 109028
  • Harborne Medical Centre, 4 York Street, Birmingham B17 0HG. Appointment cancellation telephone no.0121 427 5246.
  • River Brook Medical Centre, 3 River Brook Drive, Stirchley, Birmingham B30 2SH. Appointment cancellation telephone No. 0121 433 8910
  • West Heath Medical Centre, 194-196 West Heath Road, Northfield, Birmingham B31 3HB. Appointment cancellation telephone No. 0121 483 2128

We are also able to offer our patients telephone consultations with either a GP or pharmacist based in SDSmyhealthcare’s Virtual Hub at West Heath Medical Centre.  The call will be booked by our reception staff for a time that is convenient to you.

Please ask a member of our staff if you would like further information.